Schedule an Event Process

Schedule an Event With President Watkins

Scheduling Process Steps:

Step 1: Request President’s Participation in an Event.

Please complete the online Event Request form so President Watkins may learn about your request for her to participate in your event. Brynn Fronk will respond with the President’s availability.

Step 2: Receive Confirmation and Submit Event Information Form

Within two weeks of receiving confirmation that it is possible for President Watkins to participate in your event, please fill out and submit the Event Information Form.  Brynn Fronk will then confirm that your event has been added to President Watkins' calendar.

Needed Event Information Timeline:

No later than six weeks before the date of your event:

If the invitation to your event is extended in President Watkins’ name, please schedule an appointment with Brynn Fronk (801-581-5701), the President’s event coordinator, to go over the details of your event.  At this meeting, please be ready to provide the following information:

1.   A proposed invitation list, including names and salutations, spouses’/partners’ names, complete mailing addresses, and the affiliation of each to the University (alum, donor, student, etc.)

2.   Suggested wording for the invitation.

3.   If the President will be speaking at the event, the name of the person who will be providing the President’s speechwriter with information for her remarks/speech in bullet form:

  • The reason for having the event -- what you hope to accomplish?
  • The overall message you want the President to convey in her remarks/speech.
  • Information about people and/or programs being honored/recognized at the event.
  • Will there be A/V?

No later than five working days before your event:

Please provide Brynn Fronk ( the following information:

  • The final event program (what’s happening when and in what order).
  • The final guest list.
  • Proposed seating for the President’s table.  President Watkins reviews her table guests and quite often requests changes.  A complete seating chart should be submitted no later than two days before your event.  If the event is very large (over 200 people), only the President’s table seating will be needed.
  • The names of and background information for any VIPs/special guests/donors of guests who will be sitting at her table or who should receive special attention during your event.
  • A map and directions to the event location and parking (unless the event is at Eccles House).