BioFire Diagnostics Opens New Building in Research Park


The University of Utah was recently named No. 1 in the nation for commercializing technology and innovations. Hundreds of impressive startups have come from the U over the years, but the work of Kirk Ririe, Dr. Carl Wittwer, and Randy Rasmussen is among the university’s greatest success stories. The legacy of BioFire Diagnostics, LLC, was born out of a culture of innovation, creativity, and tenacity. The company manufactures machines, and tests, that significantly reduce the amount of time needed to identify infectious diseases.

The acquisition of BioFire by French company BioMérieux, three years ago, heralded a new chapter for the diagnostic company. BioMérieux has a presence in 150 countries through 42 subsidiaries and a network of distributors. The official opening of the new $100 million hub in Research Park, at the University of Utah, brings with it a commitment to the state, and greater opportunity for more than one thousand current employees and expansion in the future.

Biofire Exterior

BioFire was born from the friendship of university colleagues. It became successful through hard work, innovation, and the support of the broader community. The University of Utah enthusiastically welcomes the next phase of this company. We off our friendship, collaboration, and continued support as well as our congratulations on the immense success already achieved.