Breaking Ground on a Unique Facility for Student Entrepreneurs and Innovators

The University of Utah is a place of extraordinary opportunity for those who share a passion for research, innovation and education. October 10, 2014, marked the beginning of additional opportunities for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. The U broke ground on the Lassonde Studios. This unique five-floor, 148,000-square-foot building will merge 400 student residences with 20,000-square-feet of creative “garage” space where students from multi-disciplines can live, collaborate, invent, build prototypes and launch companies.

The Lassonde Studios allows the university to provide more students with transformative learning experiences. The Lassonde Institute already brings opportunity to thousands of students every year; the new facility elevates it to a new level by providing a place to try, succeed, fail, learn to run a business, create and develop critical thinking skills.

This incubator for innovation will deeply engage students in their education and provide real-world, literally hands-on experience. It was made possible through the vision and generosity of Pierre Lassonde who has his own dream of making the University of Utah the best place in the country to study entrepreneurship. We are grateful for his confidence and support.

It is impossible to predict what will be created through their explorations, as these creative minds apply what they are learning in the classroom in the garage, but we know from prior experience with University of Utah student innovators, that it will be exciting.

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