Gift of Music for the Thomas S. Monson Center

Music returns to the heart of the Thomas S. Monson Center with the gift of a unique and beautiful Steinway piano. Tom Guinney, who is known for exceptional restaurants that bring people together over fine cuisine, is also a connoisseur of the arts. Today, he gifted an antique Steinway dating back to 1913 to the University of Utah’s Thomas S. Monson Center.

The piano is the centerpiece of a room, on the main floor of the building, which was once the home of Enos Wall and his wife Mary. The copper mining magnate purchased the property in 1904.  At that time, it was a two-story adobe structure that stood among the most prestigious homes in Salt Lake City.  Enos and Mary transformed the home into a Renaissance villa with the help of Utah’s most notable architect of the day, Richard Kletting. Appropriately, during that same time period, the Steinway was also undergoing construction.

Like the Wall Mansion, a century later, the piano was retrofitted and transformed. In 2014, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated the mansion to the University of Utah. It was returned to its former beauty, with the help of many donors. It also became the home of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.

Guinney’s one-of-a-kind piano will add life, as only music can, to many wonderful events for years to come. It will bring joy to the Thomas S. Monson Center, as a gathering place for people, and ideas. It will welcome residents of the state, and visitors from all over the world, to what has become the University of Utah’s embassy.