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If you would like to request one or more Presidential Interns to participate in your event, please complete and submit the request form below.


The Presidential Intern Program is designed to give undergraduate students from diverse fields and backgrounds the opportunity to interact with the university administration, guests, campus community members and other constituents. The intern program showcases this select group of students to alumni, donors, VIPs, campus community members and the general public, while providing a prestigious opportunity for students. In turn, those participating at campus events benefit from interacting with students serving as Presidential Interns and gain a better understanding of the undergraduate experience at the university.

Presidential Interns are available to help with campus-wide events and events sponsored by specific colleges, departments and entities. If this opportunity is of interest, please complete the form below to initiate a request for intern assistance with your event.

If you have questions about the procedure, please call or e-mail Brynn Fronk at 801-581-3088 or

Request a Presidential Intern