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What do we want to become?

How do we get there?


Over the past five years, the U made remarkable progress on its four strategic goals: knowledge transfer, student success, community engagement, and ensuring the institution’s long-term viability. Now it’s time to reset our aspirations—and we need your help!

President Watkins and Senior Vice Presidents Dan Reed and Mike Good are launching a Strategy Refresh initiative to craft a path forward for the coming five years. We value the innovation and expertise of all of you—our faculty, staff, students, alumni and community supporters—and ask you to join us in creating the U’s new 2020-25 strategic vision. We invite you to engage in a conversation about how the U can successfully achieve these primary goals, elevating our university as a model for the nation.


What Comes Next?


You can submit ideas using the form below. Please join us at one of the campus-wide town hall meetings to share more information and foster a discussion about the initiative.




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