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University Strategy

University of Utah Strategic Overview

The University of Utah is a world-class research and teaching institution built on a legacy of innovation, collaboration, community engagement, and service.  This roadmap provides a shared vision for the future of the U. It identifies mission, values, strengths, and strategies for the continued excellence and the long-term success of our students and programs.

University of Utah Mission Statement

The University of Utah fosters student success by preparing students from diverse backgrounds for lives of impact as leaders and citizens. We generate and share new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations, and we engage local and global communities to promote education, health, and quality of life. These contributions, in addition to responsible stewardship of our intellectual, physical, and financial resources, ensure the long‐term success and viability of the institution.

University of Utah Strategic Goals


Develop and transfer new knowledge

  • Transformative Excellence Program: Recruit clusters of high achieving faculty in target areas of strength and societal relevance to ensure vibrant future
  • Increase diversity of faculty, including women in science and engineering
  • Enhance graduate program quality and student support to enable recruitment and education of top talent
  • Build program quality in key areas


Promote student success to transform lives

  • Expand scholarship opportunities and strategically align scholarships with access, achievement, and completion goals
  • Deploy data analytics and retention reporting systems to facilitate improvement in student support and services
  • Extend UOnline to increase access to U programs and promote completion
  • Increase participation in high impact programs (deeply engaged learning opportunities)
  • Enrich and expand learning communities to include honors, transfer, sophomore, and living and learning communities


Engage communities to improve health and quality of life

  • Provide transformative and innovative health care
  • Enable exceptional quality patient care
  • Expand outreach and engagement to shape and improve the U
  • Engage communities in broad range of campus offerings, from arts to athletics to lifelong learning opportunities
  • Increase access to the U through online offerings
  • Partner with communities to meet critical needs and enhance access to the U


Ensure long-term viability of the university

  • Improve physical facilities and campus infrastructure to support core operations
  • Promote efficiency in all aspects of university operations
  • Reduce impact of the U on the environment
  • Ensure effective communication with stakeholders and build support for university initiative with legislative, corporate, and private partners
  • Achieve an appropriate balance among affordability, access, and quality across the institution
  • Engage in continuous improvement practices across the university

University of Utah Core Values


Student success and engagement

  • The U is committed to providing the financial assistance, personalized support, and engaged learning experiences that increase access to the university and facilitate persistence through degree completion.


Research and teaching excellence: 

  • The U engages in cutting-edge teaching and research that foster inter- and trans-disciplinary innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and knowledge and technology transfer.



  • The U celebrates the rich diversity of people as well as creative and intellectual traditions by being inclusive in every respect.



  • The U contributes to a more sustainable world through research, teaching, and demonstrating best practices in protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment on the campus and environs, making it a great place to live, learn, work, play, create, recreate, and visit.


Global vision and strategy

  • The U thinks and acts globally by increasing opportunities for students and faculty to engage in international study, teaching, research, and service.



  • The U maintains a strong sense of community among students, faculty, and staff, and cultivates meaningful university, neighborhood, city, region, state, and global partnerships.



  • The U engages students, faculty, staff, and the larger community in conversations that lead to positive transformation at the local, state, national, and global levels.