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Presidential Commission on Equity and Belonging


The President’s Commission on Equity and Belonging, or PCEB, joins together members of leadership across the university to guide the U’s short-term approaches to address harm, bias-motivated violence, and hate on campus.

The PCEB leadership affirms that all members of the U should have an equal opportunity to thrive, and that systems and behavior centered in inclusivity and equity are essential to ensuring our community has equal access and ability to contribute to the U’s mission.

Therefore, we pledge to engage in this work on an individual and collective basis. The PCEB is committed to adding to the inclusion and belonging work already underway on campus by offering additional resources and foci on key initiatives. Amongst the PCEB’s charge in the next 90 days is hosting a Day of Collective Action, strengthening the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (Student Code), enhancing transparency around the Racist & Bias Incident Response Team (RBIRT) process, and establishing a Community Compact to hold ourselves accountable for making the U an inclusive community.

As a commission, the PCEB is dedicated to taking enhanced action that strengthens our community culture to ensure it is built on inclusion and belonging for our students, staff and faculty.

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Commission Members

Vice President Mary Ann Villarreal, Co-Chair
Vice President Lori McDonald, Co-Chair
Natalie Gochnour, Senior Advisor to the President
Michael Good, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
Mark Harlan, Director of Athletics
Jeff Herring, Chief Human Resources Officer
Erin Rothwell, Interim Vice President for Research
Laura Snow, Chief of Staff
Keith Squires, Chief Safety Officer
Martell Teasley, Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Short-Term PCEB Initiatives


On Track

Conduct Campus-Wide Inventory of EDI Efforts and Initiatives

On Track

Conduct Campus-Wide Inventory of EDI Efforts and Initiatives

Compile a running list of the ongoing EDI efforts across our campus so that we can better coordinate, streamline, and keep track of this work.

Progress Updates
  • In March, the PCEB collected data on the EDI efforts cross campus. Findings are currently being analyzed and results will be shared in the spring EDI progress report. Additional findings also include the work of Presidential Intern, Jaina Lee, who did a content analysis of college websites.
On Track

Review Racist & Bias Incident Response Team (RBIRT) Processes

On Track

Review Racist & Bias Incident Response Team (RBIRT) Processes

Enhance transparency and clarity around the RBIRT process. Also, identify and address opportunities for growth.

Progress Updates
  • An RBIRT administrative manager position has been posted and applicants are being screened. The hiring of this position will enable us to more robustly support RBIRT processes and mission. The marketing and awareness strategies are continuing. For example, an ongoing digital awareness campaign was launched in summer 2022, with awareness materials circulating on all campus digital signage directing viewers to learn more about RBIRT and encouraging reporting of incidents.

Update the Student Code of Conduct


Update the Student Code of Conduct

Update the student code of conduct to allow for increased accountability related to bias and prejudice-motivated behaviors.

Progress Updates
  • In February and March, the updated draft code was shared for input with campus groups including the Institutional Policy Committee, Associated Students of the University of Utah, Black Cultural Center, Black Student Union, Center for Equity and Student Belonging, Office of Dean of Students, Student Advisory Board, Council of Academic Deans, Chairs, and Academic Senate. In addition, open forums were hosted to collect community input. After the final proposal was approved by the Academic Senate, it was presented and approved by the Board of Trustees. Changes went into effect on April 12, 2022, read about the changes here.

2024 Day of Collective Action

March 27, 2024


2023 Day of Collective Action

February 8, 2023


Inaugural Day of Collective Action

March 22, 2022