President Randall


President Randall envisions a bold goal for the University of Utah to become a top 10 public university with unsurpassed societal impact.


Vision & Initiatives

We inspire, innovate, and impact as we work toward becoming a top 10 public university with unsurpassed societal impact.

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Six Commitments

As Utah’s flagship university, we’re committed to lead, educate, research, serve, deliver patient care, and unify with our sister institutions.

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We’re committed to measuring and reporting progress in each of our strategic areas.

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Foundational Values

President Randall’s strategic vision is built upon the University of Utah’s foundational values.

Academic Freedom

Reaffirm the U’s bedrock principle of open and unfettered intellectual inquiry and the pursuit of dissemination of knowledge.

Campus Safety

Set a national standard for enterprise-wide safety practices at a public university.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Become a national model of an equitable and inclusive campus where diversity thrives.

Health and Well-Being

Recognize the link between health/well-being and prosperity and commit to monitoring and improving the health of one another.


Support equity-focused sustainability leadership in education, research, operations, and health care.

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