U Rising Podcast

A conversation with Dr. Michael Good on his new role as interim president

Dr. Michael L. Good joined the University of Utah in the summer of 2018 as our senior vice president for Health Sciences, CEO of University of Utah Health and executive dean of the U’s School of Medicine. We knew that Dr. Good, who previously was at the University of Florida, was an absolutely fabulous leader, […]

Meet the new CEO of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Mental health issues and suicide were already high in Utah when pandemic arrived more than a year ago, exacerbating anxiety, stress and loneliness for many Utahns—including many U students. But there is reason to be optimistic that our state can address these challenges in a meaningful, impactful and transformative way, thanks to a donation from […]

The U gets a gold star for its sustainability efforts

The University of Utah recently received a STARS Gold rating for its all-encompassing efforts to promote sustainability—in campus operations, research and in the curriculum. Dan Reed, senior vice president for Academic Affairs, talks with Kerry Case, the U’s chief sustainability officer, about what the rating means, how we are approaching sustainability on campus and ways […]

The U’s Board of Trustees: Its duties and role in the presidential search

Since its inception, the University of Utah has been overseen by a governing board—though that board and its duties have changed over time. Today, the university is governed by a Board of Trustees, chaired by Christian Gardner. In this episode of the U Rising podcast, Gardner provides an overview of the board’s duties, his role […]

SafeU Ambassador program aims to hire students to work on campus projects

The Chief Safety Office at the University of Utah is a launching a new initiative — one designed by students for students — called the SafeU Ambassador program. Students can apply now to join the first cohort of ambassadors, who will begin work next fall on campus safety projects. This is a great program for […]

The Justice Lab at the U’s College of Law partnered with Salt Lake County to find answers to a big problem

The Justice Lab Clinic at the S.J. Quinney College of Law is a semester-long course taught by Professor Anna Carpenter that gives students an opportunity to work on real-life legal issues. Last fall, as Salt Lake County moved to a services-first approach with low-level offenders, it encountered a major hurdle: Many of the people they […]

Osher Institute makes lifelong learning easy — and fun!

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Utah is for people ages 50 and older who have a deep and abiding love of learning — and socializing! The program brings people from all backgrounds together to learn from subject matter experts about topics ranging from Persian cooking to politics. In this episode of […]

Hope Corps puts students, businesses and nonprofits on path to success

The Hope Corps is connecting our students with business and community organizations with the aim of mutually beneficial experiences. Our students gain on-the-job experience and participating organizations get much needed help from our students — which has proved vital to many of them during the pandemic. In this episode, Morgan Lyon Cotti, associate director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics and director of the Hope Corps program describes the program and the difference it is making in the community. Students Natalie Windward and Erick Garcia share their experiences working with Hope Corps and as interns at United Way and with the Ivory Foundation. Recorded on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021. Thanks to Brooke Adams, Emily Black and Dave White for technical assistance. Original music by Taylor Hartley.

Helping faculty — and students — navigate a pandemic

Our faculty really pivoted in remarkable ways last March when the pandemic required us to change our approach to education. Sarah Projansky, the U’s associate vice president for faculty in Academic Affairs, has been at the forefront of efforts to help faculty navigate this new “normal,” develop best teaching and support practices and keep their own careers on track. In this episode, Sarah explains some of the lessons learned, why we’ve added mental health days and a return-to-remote learning period this spring and offers advice to make the semester run smoothly. Recorded on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021. Thanks to Brooke Adams, Emily Black and Dave White for technical assistance. Original music by Taylor Hartley.

A conversation about civility with Gail Miller

Gail Miller is one of the most trusted and respected leaders in Utah and when she stood center court at a Utah Jazz game in March 2019 to deliver a message about courtesy, civility and showing respect for all, her words went far beyond the state. Months later, Gail’s message was at the center of an anti-racist initiative called “Lead Together.” And this summer, as the Black Lives Matter movement focused our attention squarely on racism, she gathered employees and Utah Jazz players to listen as they shared experiences and views on changes needed. In our conversation, Gail shares why she has stepped up, spoken out and done what she can to make this a more welcoming, accepting and tolerant community — and her hopes for how young people will drive change. Recorded on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021. Thanks to Brooke Adams, Emily Black and Dave White for technical assistance. Original music by Taylor Hartley.