A conversation about civility with Gail Miller


Gail Miller is one of the most trusted and respected leaders in Utah and when she stood center court at a Utah Jazz game in March 2019 to deliver a message about courtesy, civility and showing respect for all, her words went far beyond the state. Months later, Gail’s message was at the center of an anti-racist initiative called “Lead Together.” And this summer, as the Black Lives Matter movement focused our attention squarely on racism, she gathered employees and Utah Jazz players to listen as they shared experiences and views on changes needed. In our conversation, Gail shares why she has stepped up, spoken out and done what she can to make this a more welcoming, accepting and tolerant community — and her hopes for how young people will drive change. Recorded on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021. Thanks to Brooke Adams, Emily Black and Dave White for technical assistance. Original music by Taylor Hartley.

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