Nomination Information

If you have a colleague who is a university faculty member and meets the following criteria, please submit a nomination. Nominations from all colleges and departments are strongly encouraged and self-nominations are welcome.

Nomination deadline for 2023 Scholars is Sept. 29.

Eligibility Criteria 

Nominees must be full-time tenure- and career-line faculty who have been employed at the University of Utah for at least three years prior to the date of their nomination.

Nominee’s work within the past five years should:

  • Demonstrate exposure, reach and impact beyond the academy, including translating published research to broader audiences and direct sharing of research, scholarship or creative works and expertise with the public, thought leaders and policymakers.
  • Aim to enhance public discourse, influence public policy, inform or shape public opinion and otherwise improve our society and individual lives while enhancing the reputation of the university.
  • Have or have the potential for local, regional, national or international impact and exposure.
  • Reflect the rich diversity of the university and its faculty, including but not limited to disciplines, fields, and methods of study, background and rank (including career-and tenure-line faculty).

Illustrative, non-exhaustive examples of qualifying works may include:

    • op-eds, guest columns and interviews in state, regional or national media outlets;
    • scholarly works that are translated or repurposed for a general audience;
    • books, articles, presentations, talks, podcasts, blogs, videos, art, dance, music or other creative or visual arts produced for the general public or a specific thought-leader audience outside academia;
    • expert testimony, amicus briefs, reports or studies, panel or conference presentations produced for governmental or non-governmental entities.

Nomination Form

Questions? Please email Brooke Adams at or call 801-673-0011.